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Name:Sparks Nevada
Location:Mars (we designate it Mars), (states/regions/territories)
Shine your astro spurs and don your robot fists!
Justice rides a rocket steed across the crimson plains of the fourth planet, where one man brings fear to robots and aliens... and hope to humans who make this frontier planet their home...

He is...


"In the future of tomorrow, America expands ever westward into the wildest west of all: OUTER SPACE! Where there is one planet thought to be light years beyond the reach of law and order."

[Mars Marshal Files for the Mars-Earth Coalition records, the year 3010]

What? More marshal paperwork?

Yeah... you know I love paperwork. Best part of the job, if'n I'm honest. Which I am.

I'm Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, lest you ain't figured that part out yet. Attended the USSA Space Academy (under the purview of the Mars-Earth Coalition). Slight issue with the final exam. Not a problem in the practical, savin' lives, punchin' robots sense. Went on to Marshal Academy. Became Marshal on Mars after the Second Human-Martian War, right about the time John Steelhands -- the robot outlaw -- melted his way outta his glacial robot jail and nearly flooded humans and martians alike. I lassoed that flood into a wormhole with my lasso. I mean, there was the whole wormhole generator bein' attached thing, but... mainly it was the lasso.

As a consequence of my good deed, I'll be ridin' with Croach the Tracker until he fulfills his tribe's onus to me for savin' 'em.

There's no standard checklist or timeline on onus. I checked. Seems like they'd have a chart, or a system, or like... some paperwork.


I protect the planet from robots and aliens. Croach is there too, I guess. Sometimes we ride with Red - that's the Red Plains Rider.

I'm not emotionally unavailable, despite what you might've read in a book.

Oh, and I'm from Earth.

[End Marshal files]

Sparks Nevada is a human and looks like a non-cartoon version of his icons. He sounds like this. (That's Marc Evan Jackson doing the voice.)

[Sparks Nevada is from the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast and comics, and is the property of Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

The player can be contacted here.]

*All words to the Sparks Nevada intro are by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker.

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anti-onus, marshaling, paperwork, science aliens
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